If you have been only utilizing black and white labels for your product & inventory needs, you need to start thinking about color. Color allows you to customize your labels by color-coding them to match your inventory, whether it is based on the color of the product, the supplier, or the month it was received. This allows you to better manage your inventory, stage pallets, and more efficiently ship out orders while helping to prevent shipping errors. The Canon LX-P1300 2″ Pigment-Based Inkjet Label Printer is designed with pigment-based ink for durable and long-lasting prints and fast print speeds for improved visibility and identification.

LX-D1300  Core Features:

  • Ideal For: Warehouses, Manufacturing, Shipping & Distribution, Medical
  • Pigment-Based Inkjet for durable and long-lasting labels
  • Print up to 2″ Wide labels on matte or glossy roll media
  • Fast Print Speed: 4.7 Inches per Second / 2″x3″ Label: 8 seconds or less1
  • High 1200 x 1200 dpi Print Resolution
  • Up to 75mm Roll Capacity
  • Auto Cutter Unit Built-In

Supported Media & Ink Benefits:

  • Print up to 2″ Wide Roll labels in matte or glossy
  • Pigment-Based Inkjet for durable and long-lasting prints.

Ideal for:

  • Durable Inventory & Barcode Labels
  • Product Information
  • Shipping & Logistic Information
  • Medical Labels
  • Product Image Labels
  • Warehouse & Manufacturing Labels



Printing Method
Pigment-based Inkjet
Print Speed (up to) First Print Out Time: 2 x 3 Label: 10 seconds or less1
Default Print Speed: 120 mm/second (4.7 inches/second)1
Range: 50 – 120 mm/s1
Preset Options: 120, 80, 70, 60, 50 mm/s
Number of Nozzles
2,816 dots
Print Resolution (Up to)
1200×1200 dpi
Ink Compatibility
4 (1 x Black, 1 x Cyan, 1 x Magenta, 1 x Yellow)
Paper Sizes
Width: 28.4 – 63.0 mm (Including Liner)#60;br/> Length: 25.4 – 400.0 mm (Including Liner)
Maximum Printable Area Width: 56.0 mm
Length: 397.0 mm
Minimum Margin Top/Bottom Margin: 1.5 mm
Left/Right Margin: 3.5 mm
Paper Thickness
0.145 – 0.255 mm
Paper Compatibility
Label Roll Media with Roll Holder (IJ Coated: Matte or Glossy)
Roll Paper Maximum Outer Diameter
Outer Diameter: Up to 75 mm, Core/Inner Diameter: Up to 25.4 m
Body Durability
300,000 Sheets / 5 Years2
Estimated Output Number
Approx. 4,000 Sheets per cartridge set2
OS Compatibility
Windows 10 (64/32 bit), 8.1 (64/32 bit), 7 SP1 (64/32 bit)3
Standard Interface USB 2.0
Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T)
Power Source
AC 100-240v, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption (approx.) Operating /Maximum: Approx. 22.0 W (Average)
Sleep Mode: Approx. 6.0 W or Less
Dimension (W x D x H)
5.3 (W) x 9.8 (D) x 9.8 (H)
11.02 lbs.
Operating Temperature:
Temperature: 41° – 95°F (5° – 35°C)
Operating Humidity:
Humidity: 10-90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Noise Acoustic Information
Operating Noise (Max.): 50dB or less4
Standby Noise: 30dB or less4
1 Year Warranty5
Auto Cutter Unit
Cartridge Fill Volume
Black / Cyan / Magenta / Yellow: 14.5 ml
Maintenance Cartridge Info & Fill Volume
WT-X201 Maintenance Cartridge2 Approx. 45,000 Sheets2
Operational Method LCD: No
Buttons/LEDs: 2 Buttons / 7 LEDs
Optional Hardware Module
RH-L02 Roll Holder

High-Quality Labels
With the Canon LX-P1300 2″ Pigment-Based Inkjet Label Printer there is no need for pre-printed inventory labels. Utilizing a pigment-based inkjet printing system, you can quickly and easily produce affordable color labels that can help improve your organization efficiencies through visibility and identification. The pigment-based ink offers more durability and a higher weather resistance for your color labels. These inks won’t run, smudge or fade away when used with inkjet compatible media. Pigment inks may not be as vibrant as dye-based inks but pigment inks produce labels that are far more durable.

Fast Performance for Increased Productivity
The LX-P1300 is a compact label printer not only built for high-quality labels but also for fast performance. When you have large multi-batch and different label jobs, you need a printer that can keep up and get the job done fast, and the LX-P1300 is ready when you are with a first label print out time of just 10 seconds.1 The Canon LX-P1300 2″ label printer produces labels with a resolution as high as 1200 dpi, that means Labels with small barcodes, a high-information density, and even small icons can be produced clear and easy to ready for more accurate identification and error-free scans. The LX-P1300 also has an auto cutter unit built-in, that allows a label to be cut at set intervals, so they can be used immediately after printing.

Less Waste with Increased Security
Inkjet label printers are simply more efficient than thermal ribbon printers by how they use ink. While thermal transfer ribbons use an entire area of ribbon, including the parts which are not used, Inkjet printing is efficient and only uses ink on the parts to be printed. Not only is this more efficient by reduces waste, but it allows for faster print speeds allowing for increased productivity.

Regardless of the size and design of the label, thermal ribbon printing consumes the ribbon even if sections aren’t used or printed on. Because Inkjet label printers only use the necessary ink for each the label size and design, it is more economical and reduces waste.Moreover, since the printed information will not be recorded on ribbons, it keeps sensitive information safe, whereas thermal ribbons need to be discarded which can leave customer, client and company information exposed.