Network Configuration

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Installation Location

IT Administrator

Servers and Systems

Windows Server 2019Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2012Windows Server 2011Windows Server 2008Linux/UnixMac ServerAS/400Other
Windows 10Windows 8Windows 7Mac OS 10.15: CatalinaMac OS 10.14: MojaveMac OS 10.13: High SierraMac OS 10.12Mac OS 10.11Mac OS 10.10Mac OS 10.9Mac OS 10.8Other

Cabling and Network Protocols

1000 Base100 Base10 BaseUSBParallelOther

Machine Configuration

Guest Network (Add-On Option)


Note: Some models may require IP address for scanner.

Note: If using DHCP please reserve the IP address for the Printer.

  • KBA Document Solutions will install and configure the MFP free of charge for a period of two hours.
  • KBA Document Solutions will install the printer on one server and five workstations.
  • KBA Document Solutions will install up to ten users for scanning to file folder on server level.
  • KBA Document Solutions will setup email on MFP with exchange server info. (Third party email not guaranteed, correct information has to be provided by customer.)
  • KBA Document Solutions will install up to five workstations for scanning locally.
  • In some instances KBA Document Solutions can provide network drops and network cables for a fee. 

Networking Terms:

  • Please be advised that the maintenance contract on the MFP’s does not cover networking problems.
  • Any network problem that is related to the MFP’s hardware or software will be resolved at no cost to the customer.
  • Network contracts are available. (Please inquire with your Sales Rep. or customer service) 

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