ProStream 1000 Series

The ProStream Series is a new breed of fast, high-productivity continuous feed inkjet presses combining the vibrant colors of offset with the variable-data versatility of digital printing. This production printer is ideal for applications printing at 1200 x 1200 dpi running at a speed of 262 feet per minute (80 m/min) at 22″ (565 mm) web width. The ProStream inkjet printer produces high-quality results from native the 1200 dpi DigiDot print head, ColorGrip and pigment based polymer ink. And with a high-capacity duty cycle of up to 35 million A4 pages per month, it’s built for productivity.

With the ProStream Series, you can benefit from broad substrate support and format versatility up to B2 sheet size, plus support for coated or uncoated media. This continuous feed press fits seamlessly into your workflows, allowing easy integration into existing PDF workflows, IPDS and PDF DFE, plus an intuitive, modern user interface. You can now enter new markets by offering outstanding quality, relevant content and short turn-around times for promotional and graphical applications – with the versatility of digital variable data printing.


ProStream 1000

TYPE Monochrome Laser Multifunctional
Print speed 262 ft/min (80m/min)
Configuration I-Twin (duplex) CMYK
Pages per minute (letter size) 1,144 in duplex mode
Max. duty cycle per month (letter size) 35 million in duplex mode
Print head technology DigiDot® piezoelectric drop-on-demand
Resolution at nominal speed 1200 × 1200 dpi with multilevel droplet modulation
Drop sizes Variable, 2 – 5 picoliters
Ink set ColorGrip, polymer pigment ink set CMYK with InkSafe® technology
Print width 21.89” (540 mm)
Web width 16 – 22” (406 – 558 MM)
Substrates Offset uncoated, matt and gloss coated, inkjet-optimized (according to released paper list)
Paper weight 60 – 160 gr/m², extended range after tests possible
Paper transport Pinless, tight web, automatic tension control
Length × Width (print tower) 19’ x 8.5’ (5,800 x 2,550 mm)
Length × Width (duplex roll-to-roll) 55.5’ x 8.5’ (16,850 x 2,550 mm)
Height 6.6’ (2000 mm)
Weight (print tower) 14,333 lb (6,500 kg)
Connection Twin engine (2 towers) 2 x 400V/250A
Controller 400V/16A
Climate Control Unit 400V/16A
Temperature Optimal range 68 – 80° F (20 – 26° C)
Humidity Optimal range 40 – 50%, limited range 40 – 80%
Operating noise Maximum 75 dB
Page length 6 – 60” (152 – 1520 mm)
Controller SRA MP controller with Adobe APPE 4
Printer data format1 PDF (PDF/X), PDF/VT, PPML, TIFF, VIPP, AFP/IPDS (IS/3), and more
Front end print manager
PRISMAcontrol, PRISMAproduction or other qualified output management system
Connectivity 2 × 10 Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45 copper) with PRISMAcontrol
2 × 10 Gigabit Ethernet (optical short range) with PRISMAcontrol
10 Gigabit Ethernet (copper, optic MMF/SR, optic SMF/LR)
Operating Touch based next generation look & feel user interface
Standard online configuration Roll-to-roll
Paper input Partner unwinder with integrated web cleaning system
Paper output Partner rewinder; barcode-controlled offline or nearline finishing
All information is subject to change without notice.
¹ Partly in combination with PRISMAcontrol or PRISMAproduction

Quality, productivity, versatility

The ProStream merges the best of digital and offset printing. You’ll find offset-quality print along with the high productivity and flexibility of inkjet. Take over previously offset-printed jobs and improve cost or personalize. Get ahead of the crowd by stepping up the quality in your digital work. Enable your customers wider reach by expanding campaign sizes. With the ProStream, you can offer your customers high-quality, 1200 dpi output with the cost efficiency and variable value-add of inkjet.

Delivering to the point – every time

The ProStream is an inkjet engine with outstanding print quality. It prints fully variable content on a wide range of uncoated, treated, and matte, silk, or gloss coated papers. It produces up to 1,144 letter size or 35 million pages per month in 2-up duplex production speed at a speed of 262 ft/min. It follows in the footsteps of the other web-fed engines, which are well-known for their reliability, stability, and uptime.

Professional, attention grabbing prints

The ProStream has a revolutionary new engine design with the latest generation piezo drop-on- demand print head, our proprietary ColorGrip, and a new polymer pigment ink set. The results of that combination of innovations are vibrant colors, smooth shadings, and ultra-fine details – even in dark tones. With extremely high-quality output, the question is no longer what will you print, but what can’t you print with inkjet.

No touch super-sensitive drying

The web is kept free floating for optimal image quality, process control, and consistency – on a very wide range of media. The result is an appealing look and feel, flatlaying prints, and homogeneous gloss levels.

Integrate efficiency into your workflows

PRISMAproduction® and SRA® MP controller technology have become the efficiency benchmark in heavy-volume variable content printing. The ProStream can also be directly integrated into your PDF workflows with the new PRISMAcontrol digital front end. And let’s not forget the many connectable adjacent systems, to manage anything from content creation to tracking and tracing. Either way, you have the flexibility to manage your production at the engine – right where it happens!

Proven excellence in inkjet

Based on over 1,200 inkjet printers installed, this press benefits from Canon Solutions America’s extensive experience in delivering excellence in inkjet. The ProStream is designed for high quality, versatility, efficiency, and reliability. Every installed engine is backed by an expert team to service your new press and integrate it into your production environment.