VarioStream 4000

Integrated continuous feed printers for every demand
Production printing solutions ideally offer your business the best of all worlds. The problem is that few enterprises can afford to invest in a single-purpose production printing system. This is the principle behind the VarioStream 4000 continuous feed printer series from Canon Solutions America. The VarioStream 4000 is, a family of digital web printers suited for the challenges of every business world – in the data-rooms of industry, commerce and financial services and in the production centers of print-for-profit service providers and direct mailers. The VarioStream 4000 is ready to meet your business demands.

Expand your business with an VarioStream 4000 continuous feed printer
The VarioStream 4000 digital web printer is the broadest black and white continuous feed print family to satisfy a wide range of monthly print volumes and offers room for growth. The entry-level model, the VarioStream 4200 printer, produces 191 letter images per minute in single mode, and 382 in a twin configuration. As your print volumes increase, you can upgrade the speed to keep pace – right up to the 1272 letter images per minute of an VarioStream 4650 Twin. To keep your configuration flexible, you can also run the two continuous feed web printers in the twin systems as solo print machines.

Built on the reliability of the industry leading VarioStream 7000 and VarioStream 8000
New controller functionalities within the VarioStream 4000 series offer even more application flexibility by supporting the latest fonts, images and graphics. Improved halftone image quality with Super Cell Technology delivers 256 gray levels with bi-level printing providing even more application flexibility. The enhanced print quality feature (EPQ) provides significant benefits for applications where superb digital quality is required. Better halftone reproduction is achieved through more precise dot placement and shape. You can handle more diverse applications with the assurance of superb results every time, even on lightweight papers and heavy stocks with the modern pinless technology.


  • Speed, quality and media choice flexibility
  • Enhanced Print Quality technology
  • Innovative engineering in paper transport and developer station
  • State-of-the-art SRA Controller technology
  • Performance features for continuous operation