Employee Onboarding

This webinar focuses on secure and simplified Employee Management Solution that helps both, the HR personnel to securely collect and manage employee-related documents, as well as the employees to easily submit personnel documents.
       With DCM security features, the employees only can see their own documents, while HR management can view and work with all appropriate documents.  We will do a Demo of how an employee can request time-off using Forms.

Learn how Document Control Management makes it easy and secure for HR departments to operate and stay in compliance.

During this webinar we will demonstrate:

      • How to centralize employee records
      • Smooth your processes from the applicant tracking to onboarding and performance reviews
      • Stay in compliance with regulatory agencies
      • How easy it is to get up and running with DCM in just a few days, not weeks

Host & Presenter:
Michael Weingand
Systems Analyst
KBA Document Solutions

Webinar Moderator:
Monte Jensen
VP/Account Executive
KBA Document Solutions

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