Neatly organized and instantly available information is the key to successful business processes. Yet, too often it takes time-consuming searches to find the documents you need: digging through unstructured file directories, email inboxes, or, worst of all, grappling with paper-based filing systems.

Without security, version control, process transparency and immediate findability, companies not only lose productivity, but they also risk data security breaches and violating compliance regulations.

Document control management (DCM) gives you a secure,  searchable repository to quickly store and retrieve business documents. In addition, DCM provides web-based and mobile access, efficient task assignments, and smart digital workflow automation software (cloud- based and on-premises) that enables you to digitize and optimize the daily processes that power the core of your business.

DCM is an intuitive digital workflow solution that securely captures, moves, and archives documents across your processes. By removing the hassle of manual tasks and the headaches of cluttered shared drives, you provide more time for your employees to focus on the deeper work that matters.

Take your business records to the next level

Put an end to handling paper, file clutter and chaos. Take your document storage to the next level with centralized archiving and easy indexing.

Control document access

Not all information is meant for everyone. Security and confidentiality matter. Limit who can read or edit a document — even for a specific timeframe if needed.

Eliminate duplicate filing

Store each document only once but access it via any number of flexibly definable folders, like a specific company or project folders.

Minimize response times

Use handy tools like lists that update automatically for immediate information retrieval. Or simply search using any keyword, date or subject to find what you’re looking for.

Make decisions on the go

Share, comment and approve documents from anywhere. Since DCM is a cloud-based solution, you can work around the clock, while on the go, or from a home office. Ensure version control by automatically saving changed documents as a new version for a complete, easy-to-track document history. Meet deadlines. Be notified automatically before a contract expires, an invoice is due or a document’s legal retention period ends.

Remove email from approval workflows

Free yourself from endless email trails when soliciting feedback and see the status of requests sent at a glance.

Keep documents legally compliant. Leave compliance worries behind. DCM gives you peace of mind that your legal documents are protected and privacy policies are met.

 Prevent information loss

Prevent arbitrary document deletion as well as business-critical data loss from threats like viruses, malware, theft, fire, or natural disasters.

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